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There are a variety of modular partitions available in the market today. These partitions are designed for office furniture to keep it organized and efficient. Management has the option to choose the partitions of a variety of materials. While wooden and fibre top the list, other common materials are aluminium, steel, glass, etc. The benefit of modular partitions is that they can be shifted from one place to another without any hassle. This is because they are light in weight and portable too. Modular partitions can be tailored to match the interiors of the office furniture. This blends them easily so that they do not look out of the place.

Partitions in office furniture are generally made with either single or even double layers using plasters. The appearance of partitions is enhanced with the help of other materials and decorations. Some of the managements prefer offering niche in the partitions to enable conversation among the employees. Glazed windows in the partitions integrate the flow of work. Materials like fibreglass offer acoustic performance to the partitions. Partitions are quite flexible. They can be configured in the design of the office. With the availability of a range of colour options, partitions can be given a good finish. They are quite cost effective as compared to other formats.

Nowadays, most of the offices have modular furniture installed for ease and flexibility. With the installation of partitions, office furniture becomes all the more practical and innovative. Offering the option of relocation, partitions have been offering a unique look to the workspace. While selecting partitions for the office, it is necessary that they are durable and effective. Partitions are created in factories, just like other modular furniture and hence, save lot of effort and time. They can even help create a freestanding structure for added safety and security.
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