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Linear Workstations

Linear Workstations
This is one of the very common formats in workstations. Offices where there are a number of employees working together on the same post generally prefer this design for their workplaces. Contemporary offices have been using linear workstations for the layout. Linear workstations either have a common desk divided by partitions or small desks allocated in a linear format for every employee. The desks are fitted with modular chairs and other items of furniture. The modular desks are standardized with space and format for telephone lines, drawers, cupboards, soft boards, pin boards, etc. Such workstations boost teamwork among office employees.

Linear workstations are quite flexible and adaptable. They can be extended or reduced as per number of employees in the office. Linear workstations are also referred to as straight workstations or even row type layouts. This workstation can come in different sizes, depending upon the requirements of the offices. They usually have partitions of a certain height in the front. The partitions double up as spaces for installing pinboards. Available in a variety of designs, linear workstations have become quite common. They are usually preferred by business process outsourcing offices or call centres. The layout is quite convenient and productive.
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